May 1, 2010

Deepika Padukone in Sony Cybershot AD

What a style?!, I was amazed by her aggression. Wowed by her walk. How can someone manage to impress so much in less than a minute ?! It's Deepika Padukone's 30 second walk to a ramp in a Television commercial. It was for the recently released camera model - SONY Cybershot TVC.
I don't really spend much time on fashion shows & ramp walks as i am not that interested in clothes & cosmetics. Who will spend time to watch those walks? Even we can't afford those apparels. But this 30-second ad gave me a second thought. The video embedded below is a longer version of the ad i saw. This one is around a minute but that actual one they show on TV was less than 30 seconds & was even better than this.

Also there is another one minute video on the making of this commercial, if you are interested. What i liked most in this ad was the way she unpacks her hair before starting for the walk and the aggressive here-i-come style of a walk to the stage and finally, taking that camera out for a 270 degree shot, it's just perfect!
Deepika Poshly Padukone, you Rock !

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