Sep 26, 2010

Another night @ a call center

"Do you have any idea how much loss we incurred because of your stupidity?", my manager yelled in a typical fashion.

I looked at him. Blinked my eyes a bit. Did not know how to convince him. I am one of the security guard who stays awake all night so that others can sleep peacefully. Such a punctilious profession that expects you to concentrate with care and courage. 

That morning wasn't a pleasant one for me as a tea shop owner was furiously running behind me, to catch me, only to get tired and give up the chase later. I am a fast runner by birth and no one can dare to win me. That's why i was given the security job. I shouldn't have stolen that bun from his shop.

"What the hell are you thinking? You bastard?", He continued as i regained my senses.

I looked at him, thinking what to say, even though i knew whatever excuse I give will never convince him. This is a traditional ceremony that i got pretty much used to. He is supposed to shout and i am supposed to  stand and remain calm. Firing me is the last option he would choose for i'm the only human being on Earth who can stand guard with just Two-Meal a day, and NO CASH.

I wish i had a jacket like those executives in my company. I stare at them when they go out for that take-a-break walk to the coffee bar at the end of the street. The night was too cold and I was too tired. Most of the employees go out and come back and it's difficult to identify strangers coming inside. i slept without my knowledge. I tried hard but I failed to resist that tiring day. Someone, a bit more active than me, took away some expensive logistics from my company. 

Can't I take a break during my work? How am i supposed to concentrate continuously throughout the night with a two-meal diet? I 've decided to make this clear. I am going to ask this. Right here, right now.

"Answer my question you......", he started to shout as i interrupted him...


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  1. As long as you keep on doing your job (which you seem to excel at) really well, I'm sure good things will happen soon enough.

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