Sep 25, 2010

The Science behind Romance

Love: as seen through movies and real-life is a lot to do with emotions - Affection or hatred or pain. Someone likes someone else. They have something called "Chemical Reaction" in between them. Also we will call certain celebrities having a good 'Chemistry' between them. Why was that not physics ? or biology ?
We personally do not think much about have them. Although, everything that exist in our Universe (including the Universe itself) has a science behind it. Say the Divine created it or some bang-bang went Big and then came our Universe. Most of them are either yet to be unveiled or already done.
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Do you think Love has a science behind it ? A common language across continents. A miracle in a word.  It just comes. Like it was designed years before the birth of the two. But it's twin-sister -  Romance is what i wanted to write about. I am no expert on it's chemical component but Yes, i did read something on the scientific front. All the 'reaction' we call, actually alters something inside the human brain. A chemical content, to be preciser. Dopamine, Norepinephrine and serotonin: to be precisest.

Two great researchers, started working on this. They pulled in set of people who are madly in love. Showed them two pictures. On of their partner, and another of a neutral person. They observed how their brain reacted on both occasions. And that's it, they cracked the science behind it. There was a drastic yet unique change in their brain's behavior. It ultimately lead to the results.
If you are still reading this three para post, i assume you are interested in it and i believe you want to know How they did it.

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