Sep 27, 2010

Champion Chennai :)

Congratulations to Chennai Super Kings. Proud to be a part of this state. We are the reining IPL Champions. We are also now the Champion of the Champions League. That makes us the BEST LEAGUE of the World.
And what a way to win the finals, a clinical contribution from both the bowlers and the batsmen that lead to a convincing victory over the South African Warriors. And what a support from the crowd. It doesn't even look like a foreign team is playing. Whole of India was supporting CSK and exuberance was all over Johannesburg.
Dhoni proved himself once again, keeping his cool, smashing a six and four to seal the game on the penultimate over. He won the World T20, Won Australia in Australia, Won the IPL and now the Champions League. The only thing he is yet to win is the ODI World Cup. Eagerly waiting for February 2011. Fingers crossed.

Wherever i go, any cricket-known country in the world, i can boldly brag about our boys.
Chennai-ku விசில் போடு !!!


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