Sep 19, 2010

It's not a 'Job'

He is not my brother. Not my cousin. Not my in-law. Not even live in my street. He keeps guard somewhere on the border, awake, day and night, to save me. to save you. S/he is the one who safeguards our country. I honestly, don't have the gut and courage to be there, but i know what it takes to be there.
Marooned in a mountain, little is the possibility of a everyday communication to your beloved. It's not like, wake up in the morning, go to work at 9 AM and come back at 6 PM. It's not like you get a 30-min lunch break at 1 PM. It's not like you can take off two days in case there is a special occasion in your family. It's not like you can go, gallivant around, party every weekend.
Serving the army is NOT a job. I failed searching for a word to describe it. This a task where your LIFE is at stake. You are ready to give up yourselves for your country. Beyond a teacher, doctor, engineer, a jawan is truly the most admired person amongst us. He who thinks otherwise is probably not as proud as me of my country.
The purpose of this blog entry is to ensure the difference between being in a job and being a jawan. One of my college junior calls me for a help. Here goes the conversation.

He: Sir, i have an interview tomorrow, with the Indian Army.
Me: Wow, great. All the best. Do well.
He: Sir, the problem is i also have an interview with TCS (A Software Company) next week.
Me: So what?
He: I can get selected in only one interview. I cannot attend both. That's the college rule.
Me: What's your problem then?
He: I like the offer from Indian Army. But I cannot get TCS.
Me: So there is no problem here. You have two offers. You like Army. Choose it naa...simple.
He: The problem is i cannot get respect if i am in Army. People around me will respect me  only if i am a Software Engineer.
Me: Whaaaaaaaaat ? .......... (i was seriously pissed off)
He: .........

There is nothing equivalent to serving the nation. A jawan is the most respected and revered person in our country. I am flabbergasted by the way young minds compare a job with an army to one in a software company. Comparing two offers from two IT companies appears acceptable but this case is absolutely absurd. Pround Indians serve the nation. Not he who is in need of money. Ofcourse, there are case in which people have no other option in life than to make money but that's a subject for some other blog i may write in future.

Dear young, bright, smart minds, please do not see it as a 'Job'. It's something above and beyond the call of duty. I respect every single proud patriot out there, safeguarding me and family. I am grateful to you all. Thanking you is the least possible i could do for you. Praying for you is the most i can do. May god bless you and your family with a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

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