Jan 9, 2011

Dawn of the Debian

End of Microsoft's 12-year dominance has finally come, as I started using (learning infact) Ubuntu Linux for a while now. It's a DOS-based CAR-RACE game, which ignited my first ever fascination toward a computer. I was 12 then. Dad enrolled me in a computer institute. Manipal Institute of Computer education, if I recollect correctly. I am supposed to be taught MS DOS and OFFICE '97. I was given instructions on the basic DOS commands and I am supposed to try them out.
After I typed the CD command 600 times, and the COPYCON command, countless times, I got bored of seeing the black N white console and even got sick of seeing it as days progressed, until I found this CAR game. I completed the coursework and became a good friend of the instructor who allowed me to play the game for an hour every morning. My School was few blocks away, which allowed me easy access to the centre. After a head-start at 7 AM, I go to the centre, play the game till I hear the assembly bell in school at 8:45.
Stuck with Microsoft all these years. I learnt the Office packages, played more computer games, crossed high-school, graduated with an engineering degree in Computer Science.  I was never showed any other operating system than Microsoft, both in School and College. I am now enough matured to realize that I cannot survive with Microsoft alone. Definitely not that I hate Microsoft, but it's just that I want to learn Linux (and Unix too). As majority of the production applications are running in Non-Microsoft servers, I presume it makes sense to make myself get used to the shell environment :)

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