Jan 26, 2011

Getting started with jBPM 5

I once wrote a blog on setting up jBPM 3 with jBoss ESB which proved useful to lot of folks. Now I am going to present a similar one for the all-new jBPM5. There is indeed a huge difference between the two and I must admit that the new product stack is looking very good, loaded with many must-have options any BPM product should ship with.
I will write about all the technical insights in a separate post. One good news you should know is that the installation has got a lot easier in this version. Let's just get started with jBPM 5, install it, and see it for ourselves.


  1. JDK 1.5 or higher (Download Page)
  2. Ant 1.7.1 or higher (Download Page)
  3. PATH variable: properly set for both.

Diving in...

  1. Get the Installer (Download Page) (Link last updated on Jan 7, 2013)
  2. Install jBPM5
  3. Import a sample project
  4. Run the sample project

Watch this video...


    1. Excelent video. Do you know if there is any good set of working samples (complex ones)? I'm searching sample implementations of complex processes. Thanks.

    2. @Pasquildo De Racira: Hi, I have not seen any complex examples yet. Hope more will come. You might find this Salaboy's post useful...

    3. I'm a total newbie in this. What are differences between Drools and jBPM? Is jBPM5 a unification of Drools and jBPM or are they still two separate projects that have their own paths?

    4. Why would one chose jBPM5 over Drools?

    5. 1) jBPM 4 + Drools Flow = jBPM 5
      There is no difference. Your observation is correct. The Drools open-source project focused mainly on building a rule-engine, and then added orchestration capabilities. So the project was later split up into multiple sub-projects: for Rules, Flow, CEP and all.
      On the other hand, jBPM 3 used a properietary language (jPDL) for defining processes. jBPM 4 addressed the conformance-to-standards problem by adding BPMN 2 support.
      It was then decided that the two related projects can be merged together, by taking the best out of both. jBPM5 natively supports BPMN 2.0

      2) jBPM vs Drools?
      He who uses jBPM 5, virtually uses Drools Flow, which is one of the sub-projects in Drools.

    6. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

    7. I am new to JBPM. I was going through your presentation. I am unable to see the Processinstance when i start the sample in debug mode. What i am missing here. Any help appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

    8. @Above: Did you get any success message on the server? What was the output in the console ?

    9. During installation yes.

    10. leave me a screenshot of the problem. I will see if i can help..(er.vignesh@indiatimes.com)

    11. Wonderful demo Viki. Is there some sample which has got task forms and the worklist application?

    12. Excellent video. Is there any provision in jBPM5 for external form rendering or only built-in form rendering is possible?

    13. Hi Vignesh, Nice video. I do you know how to implement the sample (evaluation) without using eclipse or eclipse is required?

    14. Hey Vignesh, I downloaded JBPM and played with the evaluation sample but could not figure out where are the task form parameters defined in the whole project. Looked inside the project folder but could not find anywhere. Do you know how to do this? Thanks/Olonga/

    15. Thanks for sharing this. We're adding this useful video to our comprehensive SOA-topic listing technology.linksanywhere.com/soa.

    16. Hello!I followed this video(thanks for all!) and it was all ok for the installation... BUT.. when I try to start the services with the command ant start.demo, i have a problem:
      xml:449: jboss did not start within 5 minutes.
      Can you help me please?? :(
      ps. the installation is ok.. it gave me the message:BUILD SUCCESSFULL

    17. @Above: The jBoss server failed to start. It may be because the default port -> 8080 was already used by some other service, like Oracle XE Database or Apache Tomcat.
      Check the logs of jBoss Server. If You don't know where it is, C:\jbpm-installer\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\log, where C: is the install dir. of jBPM.

    18. Hi I'm the above anonymous.. the folder log in jbpm-installer\jboss\server\default DOESN'T EXISTS!!I think it will be create when jboss will start the first time... any other solution? :( i'm becoming crazy!

    19. I am facing the same problem as mentioned above where "jboss did not start in 5mins" , could someone suggest an other solution?

    20. check the system variable path :)

    21. Could someone suggest a way to dynamically create workflows in jbpm 5... I am aware about the knowledge api, but could not find a create a workflow on the run... How could this be done by injecting xml to jbpm engine... is there an xml api..

    22. Hello Viki,

      While running the bat file, I'm getting the below error. Could you help me.

      [unzip] Expanding: C:\jbpm\jbpm-installer\lib\drools-5.2.0-SNAPSHOT-guvnor.w
      ar into C:\jbpm\jbpm-installer\target\drools-guvnor

      C:\jbpm\jbpm-installer\build.xml:262: The following error occurred while executi
      ng this line:
      C:\jbpm\jbpm-installer\build.xml:268: Error while expanding C:\jbpm\jbpm-install
      java.util.zip.ZipException: archive is not a ZIP archive
      at org.apache.tools.zip.ZipFile.positionAtCentralDirectory(ZipFile.java:
      at org.apache.tools.zip.ZipFile.populateFromCentralDirectory(ZipFile.jav
      at org.apache.tools.zip.ZipFile.(ZipFile.java:185)
      at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.Expand.expandFile(Expand.java:170)
      at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.Expand.execute(Expand.java:132)
      at org.apache.tools.ant.UnknownElement.execute(UnknownElement.java:291)
      at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor4.invoke(Unknown Source)
      at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAcces

    23. Getting the following error "HTTP Status 404 - /jbpm-console/"
      Please find the error details in the link "http://community.jboss.org/thread/167892?tstart=0".
      Please advice how to proceed further

    24. Can you please provide me an example of Human task.?

    25. Hi,
      I have to implement a process in which some actions are to be handled by humans and others by existing backend java logic. Some of the actions are required to publish events to a message queue. Is it possible to define an action whose implementation should call a java object's method. the object could be a spring bean. thanks.

    26. You can Try JBPM5 on BPMGeek.com. Live standard install.

      Vignesh. Thanks for the great posts from you. You are invited to contribute to the the BPMgeek.com community

    27. Vignesh, i did follow the same steps and ran the sample "evaluation" application from eclipse but i get "Authentication Failed" on the jbpm-console for any of the users including "krisv/krisv". I don't see any logs for the same .. Please let me know what can be done ?

    28. Hi Vignesh,
      I installed JBPM as per your Post ur post is great . I was trying some advance Examples but with out Success , can you help me out with some good examples of Human Task , Task form integration deployment on server . I have information but every thing is scattered . I cannot proceed ahead .

    29. Hi Pranay,

      Even am working on the same. So far succeeded with flow diagrams. But now am stuck with this human task stuff. I asked Vignesh and he replied saying he is not working on it anymore. Will it be better for us to stay in touch so that we can try working out this human task

      my gmail id is cbhaskaravignesh@gmail.com. Send me a chat request.

    30. Bhaskara, thanks for answering for me. I am more into IBM's BPM platform these days and completely out of touch with jBPM!

      I am sorry as I couldn't be of any help to you. I am glad this small video helped you get started.

    31. Hi
      Im a Java Developer and need some help from your end.

      I will really be grateful to you if you can provide some help.

      Do you have any idea about how I can initialize the task with ad hoc process.?

      or If you can help on below:

      jbpm 3 and 4 supported creating task dynamically as this link shows:


      Is the same thing possible with jbpm5.1.

      I tried hard to search for an example but I didn't get it.

      It will be great if anyone can give me an example with code.

      Waiting your reply, If you have any suggestion it will help a lot.

    32. hi

      thanks for the video, it helped me a lot.

    33. Hi Vignesh,
      We are facing in integrating JBPM5 to Spring and the persistent is not working for process. Can you help on this?


    34. hi ,

      through your tutorial I'm able to do what you demonstrated but my jboss server is not starting I'm getting exception can you help me on this.


    35. The jbpm download page is not available. can I have the a new link?

    36. Guys !! JBPM is very complex and unstable. Go for activiti.org . It was developed by the same set of persons who created JBPM. In my opinion activiti has good support/tutorials and there are stable version releases.

    37. sad to say, but jbpm is crap !!!

    38. Hi ,

      can you specify which all environment variables i need to set before installing jBPM.
      I am new to jBPM and this is the first time i am installing it.

    39. closest thing to a walkthru of drools that exists to date (2013). sadly everything else is garbage. thanks for applying the common sense to actually walk thru things step by step and not jump in at masters degree level like proctor or those other absent minded professors

    40. Hi..I installed jbpm using the above video on 21/01/2014. the installation was successfull. However when i do start.demo & try to create a new project, i dont get the option for a jbpm project. Looks like jbpm eclipse plugin and may b other plugins are not set. What should i do..pleaseeee help. I have added 'dashboard-builder-6.1.0-SNAPSHOT' file manually as the link was broken. I knw this should not create a problem, but still. Have tried performing another install.demo as well.


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