Jan 16, 2011

Steel-less Steyn

I have heard of Stainless-steel which is a commonplace in Indian Kitchens...but for the first time, saw a steel-less Steyn in South Africa...The Fast and Furious Right-Arm pacer: Dale Steyn, i meant...I seriously doubt whether this man is made of flesh and bones...Probably, Rock and Iron Rod is what he is made of, I suppose.
Sheer power...startling determination...terrific pace...amazing attacker...Truly a dream bowler who will provoke heebie-jeebies in batsmen's stomach. The most threatening bowler I've ever seen in ten years. Bowlers like Akthar or Lee do bowl faster than Steyn but the imapct Steyn has is unbelievable. This man can just (and indeed has) run thorough the most powerful batting line-up in a single spell.
My dad has told me about bowlers like Joel Garner/Malcom Marshall but I've not seen them in action. I just have a feeling that they will be bowling something similar to steyn. There can't be any better aggression  one can exhibit than what this guy does. I stand up and Salute you Sir. You are truly, a remarkable cricketer. In an era where cricket is mainly dominated by batsmen, it is very good to see such a paceman preying on players who are considered invincible.

Watch this impressive spell where he knocks of stumps of the West Indians...

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