Apr 28, 2010

[Book] Five Point Someone

The New York Times called him the ‘the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history.’ Chetan Bhagat has all the right to deserve it and his book Five Point Someone proved to be a fine example.
Chetan articulated some of the serious situations of life in a seemingly unconventional & hilarious fashion. He seem to have his own style of writing. May be, if i read his other books, i might conform it.
First, I was shocked to see "mugging" happening in the country's best Engineering Institute. The Author seems to have no respect to any of his professors which is a bit shabby. He insulted every possible one out there in the faculty. I can't believe they behaved like assignment-giving-machines. If the mugging is actually happening in IIT, i am glad i did not prepare for it. The system must be immediately changed.

The story has 3 average students with entirely different character. That's one of it's strength. A Lazy, Selfish Hari, Poor, Pathetic Alok and the Fabulous, Fearless Ryan. I liked the attitude of the third guy. He looks to me the real Hero. If you want make someone look taller, just place two shorter ones near him. Just like that, Ryan looks even more special than he actually is because of the character of the other TWO.

It was the Author's articulation style and Ryan's character impressed me the most. The story synopsis is available in the official website. So i am not going to waste my time writing more about it.

Story looks slightly incomplete as their final year is not written about. What they did in that lube project ? How it went and all. And what happened to that girl who is the reason behind all the mess ?!
Questions are always there. But they aren't of much importance. Tribune quoted, "270 Pages of pure fun" and indeed it is ! 10/10 !

A very good read & i would suggest it to any non-teaching human being ;-)

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