Apr 9, 2010

How Computer Science helps the Real World ?

I recently read a news article which stands out as one more example of how Information Technology helps in Business. During my graduation, i always think of this.
How Computer Science help the Real World ?
I was in a position to solve a given scenario with my basic computing skills. I was always thinking about those  possible real-world scenarios that computing can help resolve/improve. How to apply Computing ? Where to ?
Answers unfolded day by day. First, when i started working on my college project. Mostly, after i entered my professional life. I have already written few examples on how IT works out in the real-world in one of my blogs. Here goes another example.
The State Bank of India has decided to provide interest on a DAILY BASIS. Every single day, your account balance is taken, interest is calculated and at the end of the Quarter, your total amount is credited.
This is something more than hell if done manually. It's better to say as beyond impossible. Thanks to computing. If there is anyone who thinks the same way, i just gave you one good example. Thank me ;-)

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