Apr 23, 2010

A Story Writing Challenge

There was a story writing competition held recently in my office. It was called The Fibber Contest. I am sharing the story i wrote here.

Two lines are given below. With those 2 lines, you have to create your own story and strictly not exceeding 500 words. Start your story with the 2 lines below.
A beautiful day and I was enjoying my stroll in the park with the breeze. I heard someone calling me from back and when i turned back…
The stories will be judged based on Creativity, Presentation & Way of Narration (like story Flow).

Here goes Mine:

A beautiful day and I was enjoying my stroll in the park with the breeze. I heard someone calling me from back and when i turned back,
a man as old as me, in his 60's, hurried towards me. "Hi..Hello...I am Vignesh...I...m...I...I...finally met you....". His reactions didn’t belong to a man of his age. He was out of adjectives to express his awe. I was sure he recognized me. He wasn't the first person startling at me in such a way. It's been more than 20 years since I hung my boots. Though I have come out of the limelight, people somehow, still recognize me.
I replied & shook his hand to get him back to Earth.
"Hello Vignesh, pleasure to meet you."
"Are you going to Wankhede stadium today?” he asked me with an extreme excitement.
"Yes" I replied. He then asked about my son.
"How is Arjun? The whole country is going to see him win us the World Cup today".

This was how people expected me to perform in every game during my days. That was why they got disappointed when I failed. They didn’t see me as a Human. They couldn’t understand that I couldn’t perform in every game and I couldn’t change them. They just loved me and revered me. Now, they are expecting the same from my son.

I replied with optimism.
"Let's hope for the best. It's his last game today and I wish he will make it memorable like I did in mine".
"You showed me what hard work and determination is. I admire you very much for your dedication, humility & sincerity. May god bless you". His words resembled those I heard in the past.
It's a special feeling when we come to know that someone admires us. I always believed in destiny. I did what was destined. I thank God for all he has given me. Every time someone appreciates me, I thank my parents who gave me those priceless  values.
“Thank you Vignesh”, I replied.
I realized that I have to table the talk as I was getting late. At the end of our conversation, he walked away with a sense of greater satisfaction as if he had achieved his life-time ambition.

It's the Final game of the ICC Cricket World Cup – 2034 today. I am glad that my team has made its way to the finals. I’m glad that it’s going to be played in my home town. I’m glad that we are playing against Pakistan. We have never lost to them in the 60 Year World Cup history. I’m glad that my Son is in the team. I am going to cheer for him like he did for me during my days. I Played for India from 1989 to 2011. My name is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.


  1. This story might materialize !


  2. Adding to the below comment, the chances are increasing now.
    Like i imagined in the story, The 2011 WC Finals will be held in MUMBAI !

  3. Dude you are awesome ... I was expecting you would finally say, "suddenly some one woke me up and then I have realized it a dream" ...

  4. Pradeep, it need not be a dream. It is Sachin who is the actor and I am just a character.

    This is actually interesting because at the time of writing this story, the venue for world cup finals was not finalized. It turned out to be Mumbai, and Sachin did contribute to the success of India.

    If we can wait some 20 more years, or even less, who knows - my second phase of the story might also materialize.


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