Apr 19, 2010

The Triple Champ

Berserk, i went. My brother too. We were roaring. Jumping all over the hall. After M.S Dhoni hit 2 towering sixes of Irfan Pathan to seal the game & secure a semi-final spot in the 3rd (and unfortunately FINAL edition of the Indian Premier League).
It was the 54th league game of IPL-3, 2010. My CHENNAI's must win game to ascend the points table & reach the semi-final spot. Dhoni scorched the punjab attack scoring the inevitable 29 runs of the last two overs. His exemplary domination over the game is devastating. He was known for FINISHING and he did just that once again. He didn't had a good series till this game, scoring only ONE half-century and the rest were sorry scores.
Three Pillars he provided, which the Indian team desperately longed for. Captaicy + the combo: Batting & Keeping.

Captain Courageous :

Indian captains didn't had a best run over the years. Even Sachin didn't had the best either but he was actually damn good at it. Due to some internal conflicts with the board, he like other captains, Failed. He wasn't given the team he requested, it seems. Sourav Ganguly, succeeded to some extent. But Dhoni is the best i have seen. But, it's better beleived when it's from the business's Best man. Sachin, During his Interview after completing 20 years at International cricket, he was asked the best captain he ever played with. Sachin said,
They have all been good in their own way. But if I have to pick just one, I would say Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is aggressive yet calm. He doesn't display much emotion. We have similar thought-processes on the field.

Mettlesome in Middle

Though Dhoni is known for his destructive hitting, he later moved to a different role. His present role is similar to Dravid, but yet he finishes the game, most of the times before the leave the field. Dhoni is someone, who can play any Role or precisely put, according to the situation. He can play the waiting game as well as the destructive type too. Cool & Consistent.

Wonderful behind Wickets

Last but not least, He did shine as a silver for what he was actually hired for. His skills as a wicket-keeper are unquestionable.  He always has that calm & cautious stance and was capable of producing relentless reflexes. India's quest for a wicket-keeper batsman has finally come and my intentions too, on completing this Triple champ blog which was actually pending for a very long time !

Ps: If you have missed out on the wonderful cameo Dhoni played in that game, i got the below video for you.
Enjoy watching it. And if you find out, please tell me what he was saying (or shouting)  after he finished the game. He was looking ferocious. Shouting, punching himself on his face. He was a calm guy but he burst belligerently. Was he saying, "சின்ன பசங்களா, யாரு கிட்ட டா விளையாட்டு காட்டறீங்க".... Like Kamalhaasan in வேட்டையாடு விளையாடு ?

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