Apr 14, 2010

It's big time for BIRIYANI

Well this dish - our very own. A dish that will take more than a DAY to prepare ! Only in South India you find it. Mostly in Villages. பழைய சாதம் (சோறு) is named ICE BIRIYANI in Style, for it gives you the chillness of the ICE once you swallow in a round and gives you the hot & spicy taste when it's topped up with Small Onion (சின்ன வெங்காயம்).
Seems like the American Docs started researching even on this peculiar cuisine and came up with fantastic facts. Here you go. Read & find out what they found out.
Click the picture. It will Enlarge to full screen & will give you a better script.


  1. Good idea for "hurry-burry" mornings :) Preparation tips kuduthurukkardhu konjam over thaan!!


  2. hi bro.... for small onion the actual english name is "shallots"...

    i came through this term when i was looking for some recepie....


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